Friday, December 23, 2016

Drink like an Egyptian

When I opened a bottle of de Castellane Champagne on Wednesday, I noticed this little piece of art on the capsule. It's an archeologist entering an ancient Egyptian tomb. Among the hieroglyphs is an image of a woman and a god sharing a bottle of de Castallane Champagne! Who knew?

All the cops in the donut shop say ay-oh-way-oh.

Although I'm not a real enthusiast, I do have a small collection of these Champagne capsules from many bottles I've opened over the years. Some are displayed in a coin box, others are sitting in a drawer. They remind me of some of the great sparklers I've enjoyed from California to France. This one is a definite keeper!


  1. Castellane definitely have the best bottle caps!
    We have quite a few and will look out for this one, as you say, it's a keeper.
    Shame you can't see the cap until you take the foil off - which means we just gave to buy and open more bottles!

  2. they drop your drinks, then they bring you more


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