Monday, January 30, 2017

Holy mosses

Moss has covered the surface of the soil inside one of our small planter boxes out on the deck. And now the moss has "flowered" (they're not really flowers but pods of spores on stalks). I'm planning on digging it all up one day; the perennial geraniums in the planter box should go into the ground. There's not enough room for them to grow in the box.

Moss is "mousse" in French, just like the fluffy chocolate stuff.

If you look closely at the moss, you can see the spore stalks sticking up about a centimeter from the moss itself. I think it looks pretty up close, but from a regular distance it's just a box of moss.


  1. Nice piccy, Walt.... close-up like this and you take an imaginary walk in a primeval forest.....

  2. A most enchanting photograph, a dreamscape!

  3. Wow! But now "Border Song" is playing in my head and it's eerily appropriate. "...Holy Moses I have been deceived. Holy Moses let us live in peace..."

  4. I'd rather eat "mousse au chocolat" than moss!

  5. tim, thanks!

    gary, it's amazing what you see when you look close.

    mitch, I'm ready to "burn down the mission."

    anne marie, well, I suppose I would, too!

    christine, thank you!


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