Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Le monde entier est un cactus

The whole world is a cactus. It's impossible to sit down! Yesterday, we got a little reminder that it's winter. As if we needed one. The day broke with freezing fog and little frost crystals covered tree branches and shrubs as far as the eye could see. The needle-like crystals in the photo sprouted on the weeping birch tree in front of our house.

Ice crystals like cactus needles.

Later in the afternoon Callie and I were snowed upon during our walk. It started as sleet but quickly changed to snow. The road was white by the time we got home and I had to brush snow off the dog's back before taking her into the house. The air flow is shifting today to the south; by Friday we should be having a mini heat wave. Well, maybe a mini not-as-cold wave.


  1. You and Ken got some fabulous photos of this frosty event. Wonderful!

  2. Amazing formations and brilliant photo. Wow!

  3. I don't think I've ever seen frost crystals like these- they are neat.

  4. the whole world is a cactus here, to be certain.


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