Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Don't lick this

Did you ever, when you were a kid, stick your tongue onto something metallic in the deep freeze of winter? If so, you know the painful result and have probably never done that again. I remember my tongue once getting stuck to the metal steering parts of a sled. Ouch!

Frosty metal. I'm not tempted.

Remember the old Flexible Flyer? I had one of those. Wooden slats on steel rails, with metal parts on the steering mechanism, which was on the front, very close to where your mouth was when you rode the sled on your stomach. They seemed indestructible. But they didn't work in powdery snow.


  1. Oh, my goodness, all of this frostiness!

  2. I had a beloved Flexible Flyer but it was the top of a slide to which I managed to freeze my tongue. Ouch doesn't begin to describe it.

  3. Ouch! BTW your galette looked wonderful. Is it all gone by now?

  4. I loved my Flexible Flyer, but I somehow managed to never attach my tongue to frozen metal -- although I was often tempted.

  5. I had a Flexible Flyer, but I came to prefer toboggans that could hold three or four of us - more weight, more speed - widely careening down a small slope, or those crazy round "flying saucers." In college we used food trays from the cafeteria for sledding!


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