Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Winter sights

This is a wild carrot flower, Queen Anne's Lace, leftover from summer and covered in frosty crystals. I see a lot of these over the winter. Come spring, they'll wither away and decompose to make way for new growth.

It looks like it's huddling to keep warm, but I think it's actually dead.

The weather people are predicting some snow toward the weekend for us. If anything, it looks like we could get some minor snow showers mixed with rain, not much more.


  1. Major winds (outside) here last night. I once found a book on winter gardens -- trees pruned for beauty even when bare and flowers left to freeze and decorate gardens. This is beautiful.

  2. Walt I am loving these frosty images. Makes me want to get out and take some here (yes, we do have frost on occasion !).

  3. mitch, not cyclonic, eh? And thanks!

    christine, glad you're enjoying them. I hope you do get some photos. I'm looking for motivation these days... more daylight will help. :)

  4. I love this shot. I think so would Queen Anne. It could be her sceptor.


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