Sunday, January 08, 2017

Periodic puppy pics

Just a quick snap of Callie hanging out. She's sitting on the bed in the guest room, a favorite place where she can hear what's going on in the house and see out the back window. The yellow bed cover is just for her. It protects the bed from the sand and dirt that she tracks in from outside, not to mention the hair that she constantly sheds.

I disturbed her nap with the camera. She needs a good brushing.

We see that the US is getting some lousy weather, both in the west and in the east. We're entering a mild period with some rain forecast off and on through the week. Oh, and here's a link to Ken's blog where he posted a photo of our galette des rois, the traditional pastry that French people eat this time of year to celebrate the Epiphany.


  1. Ah yes. The queen on her throne.

  2. As in the rhetorical question of Stevie Wonder - "Isn't she LOVE-LEE?"

  3. Sweet Callie photo! Your galette is beautiful!

  4. Callie is a beautiful dog, Walt! She looks like a Nova Scotia 'Duck Toller' in a way.
    Take a look:

    1. jim, interesting! I had never heard of that breed. There is a resemblance... Callie's a sheepdog, a border collie, and I've only ever seen her go into water once as a puppy. She stays away from that now!


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