Saturday, January 07, 2017

String theory

The blue string was tied to this post several years ago. The other end was attached to a second post nearby. The string spanned a spot where cars can cut a corner to go from a paved road to the dirt road that runs through the vineyards (or vice-versa). The spot is meant to give tractors access to the vines. No normal cars ever use the shortcut, but certain reckless drivers have as evidenced by ruts made by wildly spinning tires in the short space between the two roads. In an effort to discourage them, the grower who owns this parcel put up the string.

The ties that bind.

I don't know how well it works. Sometimes the string is broken or is seriously sagging, often it's put back up. Right now I think it's down. But I haven't seen any fresh ruts out there recently.


  1. It might just be the wrong color string.

  2. Regretfully judging by the flowers against trees and other street furniture some vehicles just have an attraction to posts.

  3. mitch, it's a limited palette.

    potty, true!


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