Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Le dernier des Mohicans

Last night, Ken and I watched "The Last of the Mohicans," a 1992 film version of James Fenimore Cooper's novel set during the French and Indian War. I thought I read it in school but hadn't; I've read it since. We've seen the movie before, and I always enjoy it. The story takes place where I grew up, and the movie was filmed in Ken's home state, so there's a personal angle. Back in 2006, Ken and I visited some of the settings of the action, most notably, Fort William Henry on the southern shore of Lake George, about sixty miles north of Albany.

Fort William Henry in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, 2006.

The French army destroyed the wooden fort once they captured it in 1757 and the site was abandoned. In the 1950s, a replica of the fort was built on the original site and has been a successful tourist attraction since. I've been inside a few times in my life, the last being with Ken in 2006. It's worth a look if you find yourself in the area.

Lake George seen from the ramparts of Fort William Henry, 2006. The Mohican is a tour boat on the lake.


  1. That movie infuriates me. It reverses the roles of the sisters and makes for a much more mundane Hollywood style love story with stereotypical women. Fenimore Cooper's women were much more interesting.

  2. " stay alive no matter What occurs......I WILL FIND YOU, "

  3. and parts filmed not far from here near Chimney Rock

  4. I'd like to see Lake George. Georgia O'Keefe lived and painted there for a while.

  5. susan, well, that's Hollywood for you!

    john, sounds like you've seen the movie! lol

    melinda, yes, I read that. Cool!

    evelyn, it's very pretty in the summer and fall. Winter, too, but much colder. ;)


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