Friday, January 13, 2017

Auntie Em!

The wind began to switch, the house to pitch, and suddenly the hinges started to... unhitch. Well, not exactly, but the wind really blew a gale during the night. It's calmer this morning but there are still a few gusts. Looking out the window I can see some small branches on the ground and something else that doesn't belong there. I won't know what it is until it gets lighter and I go out with Callie.

A frosty protective sleeve in the vineyard. There's a little grape vine inside.

We weren't at all near the worst of the storm. That was up closer to the Brittany and Normandy coasts, as it usually is. The English Channel is a favorite path for windy weather systems. Now we're expecting much colder temperatures over the weekend and into next week. It certainly is winter!


  1. English Channel... don't mention it... Pauline and I were stuck for half a day on a big ferry...
    Stuck outside Zeebrugge harbour... there was a Force 12 blowing that would have meant the boat couldn't stop safely after entering!!
    They turned the boat into the storm and we sat it out... the boat kept up enough headway to hold it stationary... the crew were excellent, keeping us informed at all times... with free food and a film... Happy Feet.
    At one point an announcement came that the storm had exceeded Force 12 for a short while...
    I always thought that Force 12 was the "maximum"!!
    We normally docked at around 8AM... we got in at just before 4PM!!
    The only time we stayed in a hotel on a trip down!!

  2. Well I was selfishly hoping to get some snow here, but it's not gonna happen. But I could do without the wind.

  3. Was thinking of you in St Aignan last night when I saw it on the news. Gust as high as 140 km/hr in the Normandy , aie aie aie. Some tiles must have been blown away

  4. I wonder...are those ruby slippers out there? who would look better in them, you or ken? :)

  5. tim, that does NOT sound like fun!

    stuart, we had a little snow shower early in the morning. It lasted a few minutes and the ground is too warm for anything to stick.

    t.b., they can keep those winds up there. Ugh!

    anne marie, red is not our color. ;)


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