Thursday, January 05, 2017

Potting bench

I gave myself a little holiday present and it arrived earlier this week: a potting bench for the new greenhouse. The greenhouse itself was a big holiday present. For years I've been using saw horses to set up a temporary potting bench on the deck in spring, with an old window shutter or piece of plywood as the table top. Now, with the new bench, I'll be able to plant and transplant the spring seedlings right inside the greenhouse.

The water spigot and hose are right there next to the potting bench. What a concept!

The table top is a galvanized metal surface and there's a handy storage shelf below for pots and tools, or whatever. I won't have to schlep stuff (including soil and water) up to the deck any more like I used to. I'll be able to do the planting in the shelter of the greenhouse. No big set-up process, no big clean-up process. I'm really looking forward to spring this year!


  1. A really satisfying step forward.

  2. Charming, convenient, and what a treat.

  3. very nice....i want one too

  4. That top shelf is like a mirror- sympa!

  5. It certainly has that classic French country vibe. Functional and beautiful.

  6. susan, indeed!

    mitch, looking forward to using it (which means warmer weather).

    melinda, amazon!

    evelyn, that probably won't last long, lol!

    kiwi, fitting. :)

    anne marie, maybe it'll make my plants grow better. ;)


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