Saturday, January 28, 2017

Les champignons

I'm already thinking of one of next week's lunches. The second of February is the holiday called la Chandeleur (Candlemas). The traditional food to eat that day in France is crêpes. I make both savory and sweet crêpes for the day. The savory variety is made with buckwheat flour and they are stuffed with ham, cheese, and in our house, mushrooms.

These sautéed mushrooms were part of last year's savory crêpe lunch.

The sweet crêpes can be filled with anything from butter and sugar to fruit compote to chocolate. As usual, I'll probably take pictures of the meal, so stay tuned!


  1., being a Brit, Chandeleur is a wonderful celebration.....
    it gives me the excuse to have two "Pancake Days" in February!!
    The second, British one is Shrove Tuesday.... which is the 28th of Feb this year.
    A wonderful excuse as far as I am concerned.... but I am not yet decided on fillings....
    possibly salmon-based as Chandeleur is on a Thuds Day this year...
    Near the end of the week.... and Fridus is Fishday!

  2. We are planning German apple pancakes.

  3. It sounds so delicious. Oddly, Queen's "We are the Champignons" is now playing in my head.

  4. Traditional crêpes de la Chandeleur are only the sweet kind. I have never heard of savory crepes for that day. Of course, you can have any kind of crepes any day of the year!

  5. tim, that sounds good, salmon!

    susan, yum!

    mitch, and now, in mine. :)

    chm, we'll have both, so hopefully the crêpe police will look the other way... ;)


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