Friday, January 06, 2017

Losted frosted glove

Somebody dropped a glove along the vineyard road and it got covered in frost. I didn't move it, thinking that whoever dropped it might come back looking for it. It was probably one of the people who works pruning the vines. I haven't noticed if it's still there (the photo is from last week).

Talk about having a cool hand...

Today is the epiphany, or twelfth night, on the Catholic calendar. It's not a day off for France, but there is the tradition of eating une galette des rois (cake of the kings) to commemorate the day. In reality, the cake is available in bakeries right after New Year's Day and they continue to make them through the month of January. We don't buy them much any more. For one thing, good ones are expensive. And for another thing, I've learned to make my own. Which is what I'll be doing this morning.


  1. Amazing what a little frost will do. Very expensive looking fur glove.

    It IS a holiday here (Dia de Los Reyes) and we've got the Roscon de Reyes as the cake of the day. I haven't bought any, although I love it, and definitely won't be making any myself.

  2. I bet your cake is better than any store bought one.

  3. Looks like fungus...........but cool

  4. mitch, could be! Hope you enjoyed your cake.

    evelyn, we like to think so.

    john, hand-shaped cheese! Could be a market for that...


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