Sunday, January 22, 2017

Plenty of nothing

I haven't been taking the camera out much in the past weeks. It's been dark and cold. I go out with Callie either first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon. The sun either isn't up yet or it's going down fast and I'm not motivated to take photos. Happily, the equinox is only two months away.

A frosty flattened plant.

Our cold spell is easing a bit. We got up above freezing on Saturday and this morning's low is only minus three. I keep seeing stories on television about people who like to jump into icy lakes for a swim. Silly sods.


  1. I'm shooting blanks as well and starting to dredge up old shots for the blog. Actually, it's not just the cold but also trying to finish up a renovation job. I hope to get out today though. Your shots today and yesterday have inspired me.

  2. I have too many frosty flattened plants in my yard, at the moment :)

  3. The plant looks poor but the spring is on the corner

  4. I still see a random swimmer here -- surfing in a wetsuit is one thing, but swimming ... bare! Way too cold for me. I prefer bath water.

  5. stuart, it's a difficult time of year for photography, especially with no snow!

    judy, this one is on the vineyard road. I have a feeling it was run over.

    gosia, yay!

    mitch, I totally agree.


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