Thursday, January 26, 2017

The daily fire

This time of year I build a fire in the wood stove every day. For the past week I was making an early fire. Our fuel oil tank was low and we were waiting for a scheduled delivery, so I wanted to conserve the remaining oil. Building the fire early meant we didn't have to use the central heating as much.

Tuesday's fire in the wood stove, which is inside the fireplace.

But now we're back on the normal schedule. That means that I make the fire for the afternoon. I go out before lunch and split some logs and bring them in. After lunch I light the fire and keep it going until the evening. Then we let the house cool down over night (neither one of us likes to sleep in a warm room).


  1. your fireplace looks lovely and cosy

  2. What a beautiful setting... and perfect fire. I like sleeping in a cold room (can't stand breathing warm air); Jerry likes sleeping in a warm room (can't stand breathing cold air). It's a dilemma... or is it a dilemna? Well, that's another dilemma/dilemna.

  3. Your fire is beautiful! I love a cold pillow that goes with the cool room for sleeping.

  4. gosia, it's nice when it's cold outside.

    mitch, now neither spelling looks right...

    judy, at least you can't see the fine layer of ash dust that covers everything. Time to vacuum!

    evelyn, me too. :)


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