Wednesday, October 04, 2017


These grapes grow in a parcel that has been abandoned for years, since before we arrived more than fourteen years ago. The weeds and small trees are growing up around them, but they still produce grapes. The grapes go unpicked and are either nibbled by the wildlife or they rot.

Abandoned grapes (and a few raisins) on the vine.

This morning is chilly and the heat came on. I can see my breath outside when I take the dog out. Of course, we are in the "brrrr" months. Septembrrrr, Octobrrrr, Novembrrrr, and Decembrrrr. I kid. The real cold months are January and February.


  1. When you can see your breath outside, it means the ambient temperature is lower that 12°C or 54°F.

    1. chm, yes, it was 9.3ºC this morning!

  2. Brrr! I'm heading to the beach! You could start bottling your own wine, Beaujolais Abandonné.

  3. lol Mitchell. I love the colors of the grapes. Stay warm.

  4. And around Pomerol, they are stealing the grapes from some well known vineyards ( harvest is very dire this year because of the weather last May).
    Some are blaming the gypsies !

  5. Thanks for the brrrr explanation - gave my husband a laugh.

  6. mitch, well, first I'd have to live in Beaujolais... Will you settle for Touraine Abondonée?

    evelyn, cold again this morning, but not too cold.

    t.b., we saw that on the news. So strange!

    sillygirl, hehehe!


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