Friday, October 13, 2017

Autumn leaves: red and green

Here's another one. Don't ask me which varietal this is, I have not learned to recognize them by the shape of their leaves. From what I can tell, there are at least six varietals grown in the vineyards around us. The most common are gamay (red) and sauvignon (white). Then there are cabernet, côt, and pineau d'aunis (all reds) and some limited amounts of chardonnay (white).

Christmas colors! But they won't last long.

I had some frustrations with the bathroom light fixture yesterday. It's up on the ceiling, but I can't get it to work. Without going into the details, there are two fixtures in the room. One on the ceiling and one above the sink. I replaced the one above the sink a few weeks ago. No problem. The two fixtures are somehow connected through the wiring, but they operate independently. However, I cannot get the new one to work. I hooked up the wires a few different ways to no avail. It's not faulty as far as I can tell because it did light up once but, when it did, the other fixture wouldn't.

So I'm going to have to call a professional in to help. The wiring connections on these new fixtures are slightly different from the old fixtures, so there's obviously something I'm not understanding.


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  2. The leaf colors look like they were painted. We've given up on most plumbing and electrical work here. Nothing ever is what it seems. We can sometimes figure it out but we find it too risky.

  3. And the person you call will be there for just five minutes and do one little thing and all will work.

  4. And if it were an American electrician, he would charge you $150.00. :(

  5. mitch, it's a challenge, especially in "this old house" where nothing is standard. Our electrical system is out of date. We have new circuit breaker boxes where the power enters the house, but the wiring is old and most of it is not grounded. The outlets are obsolete, new French plugs are too big for them, so we use adapters all over the house. It should all be redone, but I can't imaging what it would take to re-wire the house.

    judy, n'est-ce pas !

    sillygirl, I hope so.

    bettyann, I hope not! Actually, I'm going to ask our plumber (who also does some electrical work) to have a look next week. He's coming by for something else, but while he's here...


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