Monday, October 02, 2017

Outside the gate

A section of the vineyard parcel just outside our back gate has its fall color on. More and more leaves are changing and I hope to get some good shots in the weeks to come. That all depends on the weather, of course, because I don't take the camera out in the rain.

Looking back toward our yard.

When I took these photos, I used a strong strip of velcro to attach Tasha's leash to one of my belt loops, leaving my hands free for the camera. It worked pretty well, but I'm afraid that one good tug might rip my belt loop, and she did tug a time or two. Now I'm thinking that I should wear an old belt and wrap the velcro around that.


  1. So painterly. So glad Tasha and the belt loop cooperated.

  2. How about looping an old leash through a belt loop and clicking her on to that. Your photos of individual grape leaves and dewy cobwebs are some of my favorites.


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