Monday, October 09, 2017


There's a lot of moss growing on the wall that separates one of the houses in our hamlet from the road through the vineyard. Well, there's a lot of moss growing pretty much everywhere around here. I noticed this patch on Friday morning. I've forgotten whether it had rained or if there was just heavy dew, but everything was wet.

It's a short wall with a chain-link fence on top.

Tasha wanted to go outside at 04h30 this morning, so I got up, dressed, and out we went into the chilly pre-dawn air. The waning moon was high in the sky and pretty bright, but on the ground it was foggy. The effect was pretty, but, you know, it was 04h30 in the morning. Once the dog finished her business we went quickly back inside and back to bed.


  1. The joys of pet ownership :-)

  2. Exceptional photo. At 4:30, I opened the windows so i could hear the roar of the waves... and then I went back to bed.

  3. they look like little green hedgehogs

  4. chm, ah, yes!

    mitch, when I open the windows, I hear owls. And sometimes a bat flies in.

    michael, I guess they do! I haven't seen a hedgehog recently. I think our previous dog scared them away.

    emm, Cyrano Jones must have passed through here!

  5. What a wonderful shot. Sorry to be running a bit behind as usual.


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