Sunday, October 22, 2017


Fall is mushroom time. They sprout up all over the place: in our lawn, on decaying trees, among the grape vines and, mostly, in the woods. I see many different varieties on our walks, some are even edible, although I would never gather my own mushrooms. I'll leave that to the experts. This one is a shaggy ink cap. It sprouted, among others, in the place where I normally see them every fall.

A shaggy ink cap before it opens fully. Supposedly, they're edible in their early stages.

I've never seen a toad sitting on a mushroom. Wikipedia says that the term "toadstool" derives from German fairy tales telling of toads sitting on mushrooms to catch the flies that are attracted to them. In French, mushrooms are called champignons, originally from the Latin campania, "product of the country." No toads. Wikipedia also says that our word "mushroom" probably comes from the French mousseron, having to do with moss.


  1. They are wonderful in their early stages....
    very tasty... flash fry in a little butter and remove. Have on toast.
    Or, having removed them sling risotto/arborist rice in the pan and make a basic risotto using a chicken stock cube for the flavour, peas, bean and red pepper for the colour.... when cooked, add the 'shrooms back in to reheat while you get ready to serve....
    The mushroom then looks like filleted chicken strips. I call it vegetarian chicken risotto.

  2. Interesting... I didn't know any of that.

  3. amazing shot. and thanks for the tidbits of information.

  4. tim, sounds good, but I still refuse to pick 'em on my own.

    judy, ah, good ol' Wikipedia!

    mike, thank you.


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