Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Tasha Tuesday

After a week off, Tasha Tuesday is back. We are still happy about how Bert and Tasha get along. They mess around, but the upshot is that Tasha does not chase Bert out of the house. He gets to spend a lot more time indoors than he ever has. Most of that time is sleeping time. As cats do.

Tasha and Bert hanging out on the deck. She's bigger than him now.

I think it will be interesting this winter. We still don't let Bert inside over night, but he has a good sleeping spot in the utility room, so he's not outdoors in the cold of winter. I'm sure he'd like to be indoors, but he also is a hunter in the wee hours, so letting him in and out is not something I want to do.

A little kiss between siblings.

Also, we don't have a litter box. He does his business outdoors, and I don't want that to change. So I want him to be able to come in and out at his convenience, and that means he spends his nights inside the utility room, and not in the house. But he has a warm and fuzzy place to curl up, so we don't worry too much.


  1. Two pics for the scrapbook to keep forever.
    I wouldn't have the heart not to let Bert stay inside properly. I'd just see the 'inconvenience' (if you will) of letting him in and out when he wants as just part of the small price one has to pay for having the comforting presence of his company. But then I'm just a BIG softie!

  2. Awww, these two photos make me happy :)

  3. I think Bertie is probably pretty happy with his sleeping arrangements. From memory he's an independent type of guy. It's lovely to see the two of them getting on so well.

  4. Glad Bertie has a warm overnight spot. He's getting on a bit in years now, isn't he? So warm sleeping must be even more important to him.
    If you wanted him indoors, you could install a cat/dog door, but training them to use it is something else again.

  5. my kitties have a litter box but rarely use it, preferring to go outside....and they never learned to push the cat flap open, so we have to prop it (but the good thing about that is that we can basically lock it at night)...also it only goes to the back porch, so I can view them to see if they are bringing a tasty mouse with them, before I let them all they way inside....I am happy for Mr B, spending so much time inside!!!

  6. Thank you for these posts. They have a fantastic ripple effect and this one came on a particularly gloomy morning. I appreciate the joy Tasha inspires in my heart.


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