Saturday, October 28, 2017

Little lights

Back in San Francisco, our house had a fireplace in the living room that had been fitted with a glassed-in insert and a very noisy fan that supposedly blew warmed air into the room. We never used that fan. Firewood was hard to come by in the city, so we burned Duraflame logs, those pressed sawdust things that approximate a cozy fire. Then I found this candle holder that would fit inside the fireplace. It made a nice impression of a fire. Sort of.

It's made to look like a tree branch, with little tea lights in glass.

So here it is again, nearly fifteen years since we lived in the house in San Francisco. I thought it might look nice in the living room this fall, before we put up the holiday tree.

A old photo of the fireplace in our San Francisco house, just for fun.


  1. Your SF living room was beautiful and so inviting (no surprise). I love that candle holder. Had seen one similar but not quite as nice some years ago. Haven't been able to find something like it around here.

  2. My! That sure is old memories!

  3. Your San Fran living room was very nice, only dated by the tv, very dated by the tv.

  4. I would have loved knowing the SF you, too. That's a comfy looking room. I see Callie in the first photo, sweet baby she was, rip.

  5. Oh, I love the San Francisco living room!

  6. mitch, I'm not sure where I found it. It may have been Pottery Barn, but I can't remember.

    chm, no kidding! Time flies...

    andrew, yes, we didn't have flat screens yet. The big tv was in the family room, this smaller one could be seen from the kitchen, so it was good for watching while cooking.

    evelyn, we worked all the time in SF. Very stressful situations. But it was fun for a while.

    judy, we got it all spiffed up (new windows, paint, crown molding, and a new kitchen) and then sold it.

  7. impressive decorating. little orange tea lights would be perfect in the candle holder right now.


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