Thursday, October 12, 2017

Autumn leaves: orange and yellow

Next up in the parade of colors are the most common of the colors we see around here in the fall: orange and yellow. Of those, there is much more yellow than anything else. I think it might be a little too early for a lot of the oranges. Our red maple trees, for instance, turn a bright orange just before they fall, but that usually doesn't happen until early November.

Orange and yellow, a little dark red, and green!

Work continues around the house. Yesterday I replaced the bathtub faucet. When we had the new shower built last fall, we asked the plumber to put the old shower faucet in the bathtub, which he did. Turns out we don't like it all that much. It's thermostatic, and you can't get just cold water. The lowest temperature setting is 20ºC (just under 70ºF). So Ken found a new standard faucet and I installed it.

I'm also working on replacing the overhead light fixture in the bathroom, replacing the old halogen fixture we put in fourteen years ago with a new LED fixture. The project involves drilling, spackling, and painting because the two fixtures are different sizes (of course). I need to allow time for drying, so this project will take a couple/three days.

I also did some more ivy trimming and played some ball with Tasha.


  1. A bit of metaphor in a way, but don't give control of your water temperature to technology.

  2. Glad there's time for ball with Tasha.

  3. Sounds like lots being accomplished! And a happy little Tasha, no doubt :)
    Will you take a photo of the new bathroom light for us?

  4. Autumn leaves and honeysuckle still in flower. That seems a bit unusual.

  5. Fall leaves are my favorite thing about the season. The shorter days are my least fav. I admire your work ethic!

  6. It will be interesting to hear about Tasha's reaction when Ken again appears.

  7. Beautiful Walt. We don't have that color this year. Probably because of our unusually warm weather.

  8. andrew, we have a new thermostatic control in the shower and it works well.

    chm, no. Bricoleur. Nuance...

    mitch, so is she.

    judy, I should wait until it's working properly.

    sheila, this is the time of year...

    evelyn, the short days, especially the dark mornings, are hard. Tasha gets impatient for her walk, but we don't go out until it gets light.

    sillygirl, I'm sure she'll be happy. For about five minutes. Then, "Can I have some food?"

    ron, thanks. Well, warm weather is a nice consolation for less color!


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