Thursday, October 26, 2017

Que la lumière soit

Et la lumière fut. There's a lesson in verb tenses! The title says, "Let there be light," and uses the subjunctive form of the verb être (to be). The first line says, "And there was light," and uses the passé simple (simple past tense) of the same verb. And so I put up new light fixtures in the bathroom last week.

The new fixture over the mirror and bathroom sink.

The wiring of the ceiling fixture gave me some trouble. There were three wires to connect and I mistakenly assumed one of them was a ground wire. It was not. There were two live wires and one neutral wire. The plumber figured it out (he tested the wires with one of those fancy testers) and put the right wires in the right connectors. Now everything works.

The second fixture (same as the first) installed on the ceiling.

These fixtures replace the ones we installed fourteen years ago when we moved in. They have four spots each, whereas the old ones had two spots (over the mirror) and three spots (on the ceiling). We used halogen bulbs in the old fixtures; the new ones have bright LEDs. I did have to drill new holes, patch old holes, and sand and paint, so the job took several days. It was worth it.


  1. Very impressive. I fear I must get my bathroom redone sometime soon.

  2. Terrific!
    Your house is so lovely :)

  3. Now you are ready for the dark days which are upon us.

    1. The sun rises at 8:30 right now in Saint-Aignan. Morning walks with Tasha start later and later.

  4. Very nice lights but why do two retired guys need such a BIG clock in the bathroom?

  5. chm, Ken found them on the internet.

    autolycus, it's a pain while it's happening, but it's so nice after it's done.

    mitch, where's Debbie Boone when you need her?

    judy, thanks!

    evelyn, and the solstice is still almost two months away!

    bettyann, the old eyes ain't what they used to be...

    anne marie, like Yoda you talk! ;)


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