Saturday, October 14, 2017

Autumn leaves: black, red, and orange

I guess these all start looking alike after a few. No matter. This one is different looking, even though the colors are similar to previous leaves.

I didn't notice that part of the leaf was missing when I took the picture.

Friday started out foggy and heavy with dew, but it turned out glorious around mid-day. I repaired a closet shelving unit before the sun even came up, and sorted through the clothes that were stored there. I have two piles started: clothes to donate and clothes to throw out (ripped, frayed, and otherwise not suitable for donation).

Before lunch, I cleaned up the tamarisk branches and cut the lavender down. I still have to pull the roots out and prepare the ground for new plants. I have some perennials and bulbs I want to plant there. After lunch, I cut the grass in part of the yard and along our road. I'll do the rest on Saturday.


  1. Oh la la, quelle belle image...

  2. Oh, you're so much more industrious than I. If you don't look closely, the leaves do start to look the same. Thanks for looking closely. This one is stunning.

  3. Wow, that red leaf is amazing, especially because you were able to capture even the texture of it. Great!

  4. You and Tasha have been busy!!

  5. jan, merci, monsieur !

    mitch, my industry comes in short bursts.

    judy, it's a good lens, that one.

    bettyann, still more to do! I guess there's always more to do...


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