Friday, October 20, 2017

Moving the burn pile

Four and a half years ago, we had the line of hazelnut trees along the north side of our back yard cut down to hedge size. I asked the guys who did the work to leave the trunks in piles in the yard so I could saw them into firewood. There were three big piles. One I took care of that year. The second, I think, I sawed up the following year. The third, however, sat there under our large fir tree for over four years. Until yesterday.

You might be able to see the moved pile out in the garden plot (center-right in photo). And there's Tasha, always ready to play help.

Over the years I tossed large branches and other prunings onto the pile. I've picked through it from time to time for kindling. For over four years I've been saying that I'm going to move that pile into the garden plot and burn it. I finally moved it on Thursday morning. It took about an hour and a half. I kept some logs and branches out to burn in the wood stove. It's free wood and kindling after all. I moved all of that to a sheltered spot in the afternoon. Burning may happen one day this fall when it's foggy so that the smoke is less of an eyesore.


  1. Tasha must love watching you work. I’d keep her company.

  2. I am so surprised that you could move that huge burn pile in such a short amount of time. Amazing.

  3. Tasha always seems to be paying attention. She is not camera shy.

  4. mitch, she doesn't just watch. She runs circles around my legs, nearly tripping me up when I'm carrying something heavy. She chases the ball when I throw it, then drops in my path so that I step on it like Larry, Moe, or Curly might step on a banana peel...

    ken, I ate me spinach.

    evelyn, hehehe!


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