Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tasha Tuesday

Tuckered out! Here's Tasha resting after some vigorous ball chasing outdoors. I throw the tennis ball, she runs after it and retrieves it. Then she brings it back toward me, but no to me. She trots in a circle around me, just out of reach, daring me to come and get the ball. If I move toward her, she darts away. Hahaha, what fun. Not. My new strategy is to just to ignore her and continue whatever I was doing. At that point she'll drop the ball somewhere near me so I can pick it up and throw it again.

Chasing tennis balls is hard work!

On Monday I turned the soil in that spot where the lavender was. It was packed pretty hard. I think I'll need to add something to it before I plant the rozanne geraniums and flowering bulbs I want to put there. Another trip to the garden center. I need a sack of terre de bruyère (acidic soil) anyway for some calluna (heather) I got to replace the rozanne geraniums. They're currently in big pots on the deck.


  1. My Lab plays ball exactly the same way that Tasha does. Always brings it back and circles just out of reach. When she's had enough she'll either run indoors with the ball, or flop down on the terrace.
    Tasha is growing into a beautiful girl.

  2. Dudo and I play fetch. But he has always brought his toy right to my feet, without any training. Maybe he could teach Tasha.

  3. We used to have a dog who loved to chase tennis balls. Jim would hit them for her with a golf club. After hitting the ball, he would place the club head on the ground and Lucky would return it exactly in front of it. If it moved at all, she'd nose it back so that it was positioned for the next shot. This could go on seemingly for hours.
    Tasha is a beauty. I love the white tail tip.

  4. I know this drill all too well. Keep it up. I saw a guy out recently with what I think was a compressed air gun that shoots tennis balls out a very long distance for his dog to chase. That is such cheating. If you can't muster enough energy to throw you own dog a tennis ball then... then I don't know what. Everything seems so depressing lately with human behavior. And this amounts to nothing.

  5. Try two balls. Throw one and when she comes back throw the other. Hopefully she'll drop the one to chase the other. It works sometimes with our dog

  6. I love tasha's markings! she has gotten so big!


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