Sunday, October 15, 2017


These thorns make me think of shark fins. But the colors are what caught my attention. The stem is a very pale purple and the thorns' color reminds me of "burnt sienna," that classic old crayon color. The dew drops just add to the other-worldliness of the image. At least to my eyes.

I don't know if this is blackberry or wild rose. CRS (Can't Remember Sh*t).

Saturday was another productive day. Tasha and I played ball and in between throws I picked up apples. If only I could get her to pick up apples and put them into the wheelbarrow, but she'll only look at an apple if I toss it across the yard. Then I used a spade and a pick-ax to dig out the three lavender stumps that I left in the ground on Friday. It took a while, but I got them out. Now I have to turn the soil, perhaps amend it, and re-plant.

After lunch I cut the remaining grass that I didn't cut on Friday. The sky was cloudless and the air was comfortably warm. Depending on the weather over the next few weeks, I may cut the grass one more time before winter, if only to mulch the leaves from the apple and linden trees after they finish falling. I'm not planning anything major for today except to watch the tennis final from Shanghai. Federer vs. Nadal. Again.


  1. That camera of yours sure does have a great zoom!

  2. judy, ah, that's the 100mm macro lens. It's big and heavy, but it makes nice pictures!


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