Thursday, October 19, 2017

Oh the leaves, they are a-changin'

This is the view of our hamlet from out in the vineyards on Tuesday afternoon. The vines are planted on the heights above the river, which runs from right to left down in the valley behind the buildings you can see. On either side of the vineyard, where the land curves downward into the woods, are ravines where streams run down to the river valley. The vines are planted on the higher land where water drains quickly to the streams and river.

Looking roughly toward the northeast. Our house is the building on the left.

The plumber that did our shower came by yesterday with the representative of the manufacturer that made our new shower door. In August, one of the hinge plates detached from the glass door. The plumber used a powerful adhesive to stick it back on, but said he'd call the manufacturer about it and, at the very least, get the guarantee extended. Well, the rep needed to come by to verify that the door was properly installed. After five minutes he said, "OK." He'll do the paperwork and order a new door, which we should have in about a month.

Then I asked the plumber, who also dabbles in electricity, to take a look at my botched attempt at installing the ceiling light fixture. He had it fixed in no time and now it works perfectly. No charge! Again, the right tools and a little savoir faire.


  1. Spring is budding in Trentham Walt.

  2. Your day was much more successful than Ken's. Poor guy!

  3. What a vista! We’ve been very lucky here to find contractors like yours.

  4. A little savoir faire goes a long way!

  5. Hooray hooray! Isn't it wonderful to have the ceiling light working! We went for years with a three-way switch not working until a friend stopped by the had it done in 5 minutes. It felt like we had won the lottery.

  6. "Then you better start rakin'
    Or you'll drown in the leaves...."
    Sorry, couldn't make it rhyme.
    I think electricians are part wizard.

  7. leon, I'm enjoying fall, but once winter is here, I'll be looking forward to spring.

    bettyann, sounded like a frustrating day for him. Ugh!

    mitch, we've been very lucky over all.

    judy, very!

    evelyn, for sure!

    sillygirl, it's the little things...

    chris, lol!


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