Sunday, October 29, 2017

Heather with dog

I recently did a little gardening. We had some lavender plants in the ground out back that had, over the years, got quite overgrown. The main stems were very thick and woody, and I read that lavender doesn't like to be pruned back to bare wood, so it was time for them to go. With some effort, I managed to dig them out of the ground.

Calluna (heather) in one of the big pots. Tasha was watching birds on the ground below.

I had a plan to replace them. For a few years now, I've kept rozanne geraniums in a couple of large pots on the deck. They produce nice blue flowers, but they like a lot of room and I think the pots, as big as they are, were not quite big enough. So I took them out of the pots and planted them directly in the ground where the lavender was. The space and the sunlight should be what they like.

To replace the geraniums in the pots, I found some calluna (heather) on one of my trips to the garden center and thought they would fit the bill. So, it is done. I'm hoping the heather will mound up and fill the pots. They flower in the fall, as they are in the photo, but otherwise stay green throughout the year.


  1. Trim them after the flowers die back.... all the heathers get very leggy, and like Lavender don't come back easily from the base and often die completely.

  2. Do you have any insect problems with your flowering plants. They're always so beautiful.

  3. So nice! I love seeing little Tasha in the background :)


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