Monday, August 27, 2018

Yellow tomato paste

Remember that bucket of yellow tomatoes that I picked last week? Well, I cooked them down into sauce and then cooked the sauce down even further to make tomato paste. They made five jars full; each jar holds one US cup. They're a good size for paste. It's good to use it up quickly once it's open.

Five cups of yellow tomato paste, sealed in jars and cooling. There are some seeds, but they add rustic charm!

This week I'll be working on making more sauce from the increasing harvest of red tomatoes. I'm sure some of that will be made into paste. The rest of the sauce will go into the freezer for winter and spring meals. And I 'm thinking that a nice batch of cream of tomato soup will make a good lunch one day soon.


  1. Your tomato soup reminds me when I was in South Korea for the Summer Olympics of 1988 and there was tomato soup at the Korean cafeteria. In fact, it wasn't tomato that made it red but ... kimchi! Ouch!

  2. Mitchell is on to something! A yellow pizza!

  3. Rustic charm!

    Good job on that firewood stacking. What a job!

  4. Ah, tomato paste should be red. Does it taste like tomato paste?

  5. chm, that would be a surprise!

    mitch, I'm not sure it's orange enough...

    ellen, with yellow bell peppers and chicken marinated in turmeric...

    judy, still not done... but soon!

    andrew, it's a little sweeter. I have a bunch of the red stuff, too.


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