Friday, April 02, 2021

Monday's moonset

Here's another shot of the full moon setting on Monday morning. The sun was up, lighting the treetops and vineyard posts as it cleared the eastern horizon. I had the 50mm lens on the camera, so the moon just looks like a white ball in the sky. My longer zoom lens (75-300mm) would have let me get closer (to make the moon look bigger) but it might have been difficult to get a good shot without a tripod in the low morning light.

Looking west. 50mm, f8, 1/800s.

It's too soon to tell, but the weather people are hinting at morning freezes and maybe some snow activity early next week. Yikes! And we're going into another confinement starting Monday. Movement around the country will be limited and non-essential shops and businesses will be closed. No haircuts for us for a while. I'm heading out to a winery, a hardware store, and a local market (to get a rabbit for our Easter dinner) this morning. I wonder how crowded it will be in advance of the holiday and the lockdown.


  1. Another magical photo. I wish you well through your deep freeze and lockdown!

  2. Beautiful photo. Such antique colors in the foliage. In Paris, the barber shops and hair salons are staying open, as "essential businesses," though I have not had my hair done for over a year now. My husband has had a couple of haircuts, but he is only in the chair (masked, of course) for a short while. Your haircutting places may be open as well, but perhaps best to avoid until you've both been fully vaccinated. Over 50,000 new Covid cases in France reported yesterday!

  3. mitch, thanks. We're used to it.

    kiwi, we'll find out!

    judy, :)


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