Thursday, April 01, 2021


Remember those vineyard parcels that were dug up last fall? Remember the piles of grape vine trunks that were burned last month? Here's a link to my recent post about them. Last week I noticed that those three parcels have now been plowed in the next step toward replanting. I'm assuming this was the first of a couple of passes with the plow, based on what I've seen before.

Two of the three vineyard parcels that will be replanted in the coming months.

Today is supposed to be the best and last of the nice days for a while. A northeast wind is predicted to build in on Friday and cool us down again over the weekend. April freezes are not uncommon in our region and I'm sure the grape growers will be watching the weather very closely in the coming weeks.


  1. It would be so nice to go walking there... when the April freezes have gone.

  2. And soon we will be seeing the planting of a vineyard. Definitely something I’ve never seen before, looking forward for it.

  3. mitch, we're supposed to have some freezes next week!

    bettyann, I'll try to get photos!


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