Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Smoke and ash

Speaking of vineyard parcels that are being replaced, these are two of the parcels out at the end of the road that were dug up last year. They've lain fallow over winter and I expect they will be plowed up for replanting this summer. But first, the old grape vine trunks needed to be dealt with.

Two piles of ash last week, all that's left of the grape vine trunks.

Last week I noticed that, where old trunks were piled, there are now piles of ashes. The piles were still smoldering when I saw them, but somehow I missed the actual fires. It will be nice when the parcels are plowed. Then, sometime during the summer, the new grape vines will be planted. I've seen that process at least once out back and it's interesting. If I'm lucky, I'll get a photo or two this year.

The ripped up trunks, piled up last summer. Those piles were probably about seven feet tall.

This is what will apparently be happening a lot closer to our house this year and next. It should be easier to get more photos of the process then.


  1. It's a fascinating process, and thanks for telling the height of the piles. I would never have guessed from the photos.

  2. A photo story of a new vineyard will be fun to watch

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing the plowing and planting.

  4. Thanks for keeping us up to date. "Smoke and ash" mean something else around these parts, sad to say.

  5. mitch, yes, fascinating. Watching it daily is much different from getting a half-hour winery tour.

    travel, we'll see!

    bettyann, me too.

    chris, so true, so sad.


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