Thursday, March 11, 2021

Forsythia blossoms

Our big forsythia bush seems to be at its peak right now. I wanted to get a shot or two of the blossoms before today's wind and rain front stripped some of them away. The front is coming through as I type this, but it's still too dark to see out there. When I took the photos late Wednesday morning, the wind was starting to kick up and the branches were swaying, so I upped the shutter speed to 1/800s. It seems to have worked.

Forsythia blossoms in the back yard.

I called my doctor's office on Monday to ask for an appointment to get vaccinated against Covid 19. The receptionist verified that I was eligible and said she'd call back with an appointment. She called yesterday and my appointment is set for Friday afternoon.


  1. Great news about the vaccine! And the shutter speed definitely worked. Beautiful photo.

  2. Let's hope that whichever one you're destined to get there are no noticeable after-effects for you. I had the astrazeneca. All I'll say is that I'm not particularly looking forward to jab #2 when it's due - though of course it just HAS to be done.

  3. Hooray on being in line for a shot! We looked for weeks for a place - Seattle area - and finally stumbled on a walk-in clinic - no appointments, just show up. They did give us our second appointment - the 25th. Whatever it takes to not chance getting the virus. Many people have had small reactions to it - guess you only hear about the bigger reactions. Hopefully next year this time we will barely remember all the angst we have been through.

  4. Yay for the vaccine appointment! After my two plus the wait I now have super powers! Love the forsythia photo, I'm hoping to root some this year,

  5. Hooray on the vaccine. My second one is Friday . Now get my brother set up. I want you both to be safe.

  6. Beautiful forsythia, a favorite spring flower. So happy you will soon be shot! We will be shot for the second time later today.

  7. Neither the Wind nor the rain hindered your photo, Walt! The yellow bloom is beautiful!
    My vaccination yesterday was the Moderna (I was expecting it would be Pfiser but no worries, the woman beside me was ecstatic about it being Moderna. I asked her why? She replied, "Well, you know, it was the vaccine that Dolly Parton had donated 1 million dollars and then waited until it was her age-group to get vaccinated! And I think she is a Firecracker!). My left arm only started to have a very minor pain later in the evening and I had to avoid sleeping on my left side. Today, the pain has nearly disappeared. The pharmacy scheduled me for the 2nd dose right after I got the jab. Great that you will get yours, tomorrow, Walt. Crossing my fingers Ken can get an appointment soon as well.

    1. The more I read about Dolly and how she has donated millions of dollars and many hours to children and schools, the more I realize she is a national treasure.
      I had very slight soreness in the shoulder muscle overnight after my first, Pfizer, shot. Next day, nothing. And I am so hypersensitive that if there are side effects, I usually get 'em.

    2. Emm, they say when there is a slight pain after the vaccine, our bodies are reacting very positively to it working right for us! It helped me because I was still not comfortable sleeping on my left side last night. I'm hoping the 2nd dose won't give me a much-stronger reaction!

  8. mitch, yes, I'm so used to low light situations that I forget to bump up the speed in sunny weather!

    raybeard, sorry about the reaction. I'm crossing my fingers. We'll see.

    sillygirl, our local hospital is giving shots, too. But when I looked on the booking site, they said there was too much demand and there are not appointments available at the moment. Anyway, I figured I should see my own doctor.

    evelyn, hooray for super powers!

    joanna, he's going to get his appointment next week!

    bettyann, yay!

    mary, everything's about vaccination now!

    emm, we saw an interesting tv biography about Dolly Parton a few months ago. Interesting!

  9. the color of April, as least for me.


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