Wednesday, March 24, 2021


This little patch of grape hyacinth is relatively recent. It's growing near the stump of the blue spruce tree that we had removed just over a year ago. The muscari pop up here and there in the yard every year, but the main patch is adjacent to the driveway out front. I transplanted some to that spot many years ago and they've thrived and spread, giving us a nice blue show every spring.

Muscari in the grass. Notice the new flower stalks growing up from below.

The weather folks are predicting an afternoon high of 18ºC today. That's almost 65ºF. I've got to get it together to cut some of the grass out back. The warmer weather is making it grow. It's over eight inches high in some places. Yikes!


  1. I used to always look forward to the appearance of muscari. 18 degrees sounds pretty good for you for this time of the year.

  2. Just look at all those flowers to come! That's going to be some mowing job. Don't hurt your back!

  3. It was allegedly 10°C but perishing cold here yesterday due to the wind. We're now coming out of our six months of cold grey weather and really hoping for some proper sunshine, ie that lasts more than half an hour. Our muscari have a few weeks to go yet before they flower, the daffodils have only just come out.
    Such is the difference just 600 miles north of you.!

  4. What an intense blue, gorgeous! Good luck with the grass but don’t over do it.

  5. andrew, yes, 18 is good for now. I'm looking forward to the low 20s.

    mitch, didn't! Phew.

    jean, that distance makes a big difference!

    bettyann, thanks!


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