Thursday, March 04, 2021

Spring is just around the corner

March can be a roller coaster of teasingly nice days and cold, blustery days of squalls, sleet, and freezing rain. We've had the nice days for about a week now. The forecast for the next week calls for low temperatures at or below freezing. We'll see about the giboulées (squalls, or as we know them, March winds and April showers).

Forsythia. The quality could be better, but I snapped the photo just before sunrise and there wasn't much light.

Meanwhile, the forsythia is blooming. So are the plum trees around us. And daffodils and hyacinth are flowering.


  1. Your forsythia makes me so happy every year.

  2. Wow, your daffodils are already flowering!? Ours are just poking out of the ground a few inches.

  3. Your Scottish Broom really puts on a show! I will have to vary my route around town and report back what "springy" signs I can find! No daffodils yet, but plenty of crocus blooming at neighbor's home down the hill!

    Sad news to read you're dealing with backpain at present. Yesterday I was feeling stiff so I deliberately tried to stretch whenever I was moving around. It did help. Now, if I could just get back to having a full night's sleep.

  4. I love forsythia. A sign of warmer times to come!

  5. mitch, :)

    judy, I think our winters are milder, generally, than yours.

    travel, more and more!

    mary, a few weeks ago I pulled something in my lower back lifting a heavy old lawnmower at the dump. That's better now. Then, last week, I pulled something in my shoulder trying to start the newer lawnmower for the first time this season. That's getting better now.

    michael, let's hope so!

  6. Back in MI these used to bloom in April. I associate April with yellow.


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