Thursday, March 25, 2021


This is the biggest of our three artichoke plants. They're planted along the tiny wall that borders the garden path out back. The smallest plant is a "new" one. It came up spontaneously a year or so ago in the path a couple of meters from this spot. Ken dug it up and put it in a pot. Last fall, I transplanted it next to this larger plant and it's doing well. It should grow a bit this summer.

The biggest artichoke plant. The smaller ones grow on either side.

I got the south forty cut yesterday. I had to pass over the thickest patches of grass twice to get it cut to the same height as the rest of the lawn. The mower has a simple lever for changing the cutting height. It's much easier to change than the older mower was. The engine started easily this time and I did not injure myself pulling the start cord. I wish I had gotten a mower with an electric starter.

It's very nice to have a section of the yard mowed. It looks neat again after winter's mess is cleaned up. Of course, most of the yard is left to do and that means first picking up all of the dead sticks and branches that litter the yard after winter storms. It won't be long before we're back in control. Ah, spring!


  1. Until your photos, I had no idea how beautiful an artichoke plant was. I wondered how many times you'd have to go over the lawn.

  2. Beautiful photo of a beautiful plant. I have some artichoke seeds that I’ve intended to plant but have I done it? Nooooo. ;(

  3. Will those plants produce edible artichokes, or are they just for pretty?

  4. mitch, they do look nice, and they're low maintenance.

    bettyann, take advantage of spring!

    emm, they produce artichokes, but they're not very big and they're tough. So, we let them flower.


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