Sunday, March 28, 2021

One more time!

Primroses. Again. But the weather is getting better and I'll be able to take the camera out more. In fact, starting today we're moving into a warmer pattern. I like that.


There's so much to do, outside and in. Spring cleaning. That includes windows. Getting the vegetable garden going. That means tilling soil and planting seeds. I could go on, but you get the picture.

We moved the clocks ahead last night. Tonight's sunset happens at 20h19 (8:19 pm if you're on a 12-hour clock). I like Summer Time.


  1. Saw my first dandelions yesterday.

  2. So many pretty shades of springtime color.

  3. Happy to see more primroses, anytime. We had a very clear sky last night for the full moon, hope you did too.

  4. It is nice with daylight savings time to wake up to light in the skies instead of darkness. Longer evenings with beautiful sunsets are always appreciated in my world!
    Your primroses are a welcoming sight of springtime. Will you mow around them for me?

  5. The colors of the primroses are so rich and lush, so welcome after months of grey and gloom.
    I looked at Amazon to see what was what in the deck-umbrella world, and they offered 90 (!!) pages of links. I made it through one. No demi-lunes.

  6. travel, I have some of those, too.

    judy, :)

    bettyann, we did indeed!

    mary, I'm not ready to mow that patch just yet, so they get a reprieve.

    emm, that's a lot of links!

  7. Hi Walt. You’re moving into spring as we move into winter. How are you both going? Are you guys moving house? Sue


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