Friday, March 19, 2021

Waiting for spring

Spring comes officially on Saturday, the vernal equinox. I'm ready. The past few weeks have been chilly. Certainly not frigid. No snow. But chilly nonetheless. And we've been having typical March rain squalls now and again. I'm not building fires because I'm effectively out of wood. There's a story there, but it will wait for another time.

Grape vines wait patiently for some sunny and warm weather.

The grape vines are ready for spring, too. Most of the pruning is done in the vineyard parcels around us. The growers and their employees work in all kinds of weather, rain or shine. In this parcel you can see that the pliage (folding or bending) has been completed. All that's left is for the grinder to mulch up those canes on the ground.


  1. Glad the vaccines are back! We hear that things may be worse here soon. C'est la vie pandemic.

  2. We've had sunshine and then suddenly last night a downpour. More to come, but still sunshine between. Looking forward to the firewood story... although I don't guess it's a happy one. Wet?

  3. So glad vaccine shots are resuming in Europe. I think we will see a surge in the US soon because of the spring breakers. :(

  4. Thank you for keeping us up-to-date with the vineyard. It is so relaxing and beautiful to see all those straight lines - even the results of the pleiage are amusing to see and watch the daily or weekly workings in the field! (my own private vineyard, you know!)

  5. evelyn, now they have to make up for lost time.

    mitch, not unhappy. Just a story.

    bettyann, they're known for their restraint.

    mary, it's fun to watch from year to year.

  6. Spring vernal equinox is almost a day of mourning around my neck of the woods. The ardent heat of summer is coming.


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