Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Purple flowers

I don't know what these wildflowers are, but they bloom everywhere this time of year. These are from a year ago. You guessed it: I'm out of fresh photos.

Purple flowers in the lush green (!) grass.

Ken just realized that it's Saint Patrick's Day. I had completely forgotten, not being a real adherent to the holiday. It's not a big deal in France. For lunch we're planning a meal of Buffalo-style chicken wings with fries. American pub food. Close enough.


  1. I had forgotten about St. Patrick's Day until I read this. Won't be much going on here this year with no tourists around. I don't know what the expats will get up to. I've seen those flowers before. Was hoping you'd know what they were.

  2. Those same flowers are blooming here.

  3. They’re known as Pretty Purple Posies.

  4. They are in fact....
    Red Deadnettle [Lamium purpureum]

  5. I think that's what I know as ajuga or bugleweed.

  6. mitch, I'm bad at remembering the names of wildflowers.

    travel, I didn't know they grew in North America. Cool!

    bettyann, precisely!

    tim, I knew you would know. ;)

    emm, they do look similar.

  7. Red Deadnettle is translated as Lamier pourpre in French.

  8. that sounds better than the usual P-Day fodder.


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