Friday, March 12, 2021

Plum blossoms

These blossoms are on the tree that Ken planted from a pit many years ago. I think it's got more blossoms this year than I've seen in previous years. Maybe there will be a bumper crop of plums this year. Too bad we really can't use them.

Plum blossoms on the tree.

I looked out the window toward this tree yesterday and what did I see? A female pheasant was strutting around in the grass, picking insects (I assume) from the ground. She hung out for about half an hour, then Bert went outside. He noticed her scent, but she hid away from sight until he left. Then not much longer after that, she was gone, too.

Speaking of Bert, he gave us a scare when he didn't come home last night. Needless to say, I didn't sleep very well waiting and wondering where he was. There was still no sign of him at around four this morning. Then, when Ken got up to let Tasha out, Bert came out of the guest room. He had been sleeping under the bed (something that he usually does not do). And he had a limp, so we figure that he couldn't climb the loft stairs. I caught him fighting with another neighborhood cat out by that plum tree during the day yesterday, so I suppose that's the origin of the injury. He ate normally this morning and went back under the bed to snooze. He'll probably be alright in a while.


  1. The flowers and photo are beautiful. I hope Bert's OK. Our cats are indoor cats and often manage to disappear to places in the house we've never known them to sleep. We've had a few episodes where we thought they had somehow jumped off the terrace (with the windows closed).

  2. I hope Bert's leg heals quickly. Our daughter's dog Rosie hurt one of her front legs and turned up lame (she has had two ACL repairs on her back legs) a couple of days ago. She is eleven now and the joints are showing wear and tear.

  3. Oh, Bert! Stop that fighting, Bert!

  4. tasha and bert and blossoms - oh my! I just saw our snowdrops blooming yesterday. we still have snow piles in the yard.

  5. Beautiful blossoms and poor Bert. I had my second covid shot yesterday and have no ill effects today. I wish you the same.

  6. mitch, cats are wily like that. Like coyotes.

    evelyn, it's tough getting old!

    judy, I think this orange cat is the instigator, because he was in our (Bert's) yard. Kind of like Bert when he was younger. But he mellowed out.

    anne marie, the snowdrops are have been up for a while around here but, alas, no snow.

    bettyann, thanks!


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