Saturday, April 03, 2021

One more moon shot

I can't stop. Mostly because I don't have other photos to post at the moment. And I'm saving one for Tasha Tuesday, so this isn't the last.

When the moon hits your eye... yes, I'm making pizza for lunch today.

Friday's errands went smoothly. At the Montrichard market, I waited in line to get the rabbit, but it wasn't unpleasant. Rabbits are typically sold by poultry vendors in France. The vendor I went to is the same local poultry vendor that works the Saturday market in Saint-Aignan. I went to the Montrichard market on Friday just in case they didn't have any rabbits and I'd have to order one for pickup on Saturday. But they had plenty. The guy who "prepares" the poultry (which means cutting the heads and feet off ) asked me if I wanted him to cut up the rabbit. I said no, we'd do it at home, to which the sales lady replied, "Oh, you have knives at home!" Laughs all around.

I looked for some local white asparagus, but the usual suspects didn't have any yet. Still too early. One vendor that I didn't recognize did have some and he wanted €14.90 a kilo for them. I usually get them for €9.00/kg from my usual vendor, so I passed. I can wait.

Among other stops was a winery that I like because they make a pretty good dry rosé from a local grape variety called pineau d'aunis. I took 30 liters. The price has gone up from last year to €3.80/liter, which works out to €2.85/bottle, just over US$3.00 per bottle. We spare no expense. The sales lady reminded me that they would stay open during our confinement because wine is considered un produit de première nécessité (a staple product). But of course.


  1. Première nécessité? C'est un ivrogne qui a décrété ça ;)

  2. This is my favorite moonshot so far. Maybe it was the pizza reference. If that had been me shopping for rabbit when I lived alone (40 years ago), I did NOT have knives at home. Anyway, that obviously could never be me shopping for rabbit. And of course wine is un produit de premiére nécessité.

    1. I'm old enough to remember when the Dean Martin song was a hit - 1954 in fact.

  3. I have never cooked rabbit - I should try that someday

  4. I’m happy to see another moon shot. We’ve had cloudy skies so we missed all but the first night of the full moon. It was this super full moon that helped free that big cargo ship that was stuck in the Suez Canal.

  5. Those muted colors, all together, are really nice, in that photo :)

  6. And in France at that price you don't get plonk!

  7. Your outdoor markets are so nice. Glad you got what you went after.
    French wine prices always make me smile, at both ends of the price range.

  8. Since wine is considered a necessity, then logic would dictate that the sellers and all the workers are essential, too - right? $3/bottle. Unbelievable. Translation: Fantastic!

    You definitely made the right decision to move to France.

  9. Nice moon pictures. It was cloudy and windy here, so not much moon-viewing, and now it's past full and waning.

  10. chm, au frontibus, au nasibus, au mentibus !

    mitch, I had no doubt.

    raybeard, I remember the song, but I wasn't around for its debut...

    travel, we do it at least once a year (on Easter).

    bettyann, another super moon? They seem to happen about once a month... ;)

    judy, the light was very low, so the blues really came out.

    sillygirl, I'm sure you can if you try. lol!

    chrissoup, the markets are nice, and we're lucky to have several to choose from, depending on the day.

    mary, they certainly are essential as far as I'm concerned.

    emm, the last quarter is today. Tomorrow it will be a waning crescent. :)


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