Monday, April 12, 2021

Rainy days and Sundays

Sunday was a wet day. We had rain through the night and on into Sunday. We need the rain, I think. It hasn't rained in a while. I took this photo from the den out over the west forty. The garden path separates the west forty from the south forty. That's the way I think of it, anyway. Our property slopes down toward the north. When we bought the house eighteen years ago, looking at it with our San Francisco eyes, the yard seemed absolutely flat.

Apple trees on the right. The big tree in the middle is a tilleul (linden). The vegetable garden is on the right, behind the two apple trees.
Behind the tilleul and to the left is the Christmas tree that blocks a lot of the view. Its days are numbered.

The current project is to re-do the garden path. That's why it looks a bit messy. We're waiting for the contractor to schedule us.


  1. A rainy day was probably a good day for a Blanquette, I imagine :)

  2. It's looking spring-like. April showers. The view is so much more open now!

  3. judy, indeed!

    mitch, I really like the view now. Having that big fir tree gone will make it even better, but I don't know yet when that will happen.

  4. You did make a fine choice with that property and location. That is a very handsome view to the back two 40's!


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