Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Another view of the birches

I'm expecting two of these three birches to be gone in a few weeks, so I thought I'd take another photo from a different angle. They were once pretty trees and they look ok in the picture, but the two on the left are completely dead. The third one might come out, too. It's got several dead branches and I think the time is short before it suffers the same fate as the others.

Just to the left of the birches you can see one of rose plants we moved years ago. The one on the right, next to the clothesline, came back from the roots of the original plant.

The weather is improving and we're now expecting a string of dry days with high temperatures in the mid-20s C (upper 70s F). That will be good for the growing things, not to mention our spirits.


  1. Walt, you wrote above...
    "The third one might come out, too."
    I would suggest taking all three out... they lean out from each other and probably the third one will have few branches on the "in-side" of the three... and what it has will be shorter than the "out-side"...
    I think you will find it looks horribly unbalanced.
    Also, do you know how old the trees are? The expected lifespan of Silver Birches is 30 to 50 years.
    After that they deteriorate quite rapidly.

  2. My parents planted a similar cluster of birches in 1957. They grew to be grand over the years, although we lived there for less than 10. But my sister's friend wrote and said they had to come out in the early 2000s. Maybe time to plant some new birches for your next 50 years. I didn't read "biRches" the first time I saw the title.

  3. That huge juniper blob looks as if it would like to eat the rest of the garden!

  4. So, your house will be "LE Bouleau" for a short time.

    1. Oh, good point, chm! (And, thanks, because I did not know that bouleau was the word for birch).

  5. A lot of change is coming to that area of your yard! That rose is beautiful.

  6. tim, I thought about that, too. The tree will come down, it's just whether they guy wants to take it down now or later this fall. He has another tree, that juniper, and a row of dead hazelnuts to take down now, so it'll be up to him.

    mitch, lol. We haven't decided whether or not to plant more in this location. I like that the property is less crowded and lighter.

    kiwi, it's trying to, which is why the landscaper is removing it along with the birches!

    chm, yup!

    evelyn, change is our friend... right?


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