Wednesday, June 02, 2021


I hope I can be as productive as these little ants today. I want to get some grass cut ahead of the predicted thunderstorms/rain this afternoon. Not that I spend my time lying around watching soaps and eating bon-bons. I did watch some tennis and ate some cookies. Otherwise, yesterday, I planted out a few more seedlings: eggplant and jalapeño peppers. I did some edge trimming. I turned the garden water on and then off. I checked on some drying oregano. And I made pizzas for lunch. Ken did a good cleanup job outside the greenhouse where empty plant pots and saucers were piling up.

There are hundreds of anthills like this in the dirt road through the vineyards.

The next seedlings to go out into the garden will be some nasturtiums that are sprouting now. They need to get a little bigger first.


  1. You know summer is approaching when the ants appear.

  2. You were very industrious yesterday too and it sounds like you will be again today.

  3. I unwittingly stepped in a pile of little ants, while weeding the front garden yesterday... looked down to see waaaaaaay too many little ants scampering around my leg and my shoe! Yikes!

  4. It sounds as if you had a busy day. Busy as a bee? An ant?

  5. mitch, good!

    bettyann, watching tennis is hard work.

    judy, talk about making your skin crawl... ;)

    emm, or as busy as Aunt Bea. ;)


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