Tuesday, June 22, 2021

What month is this?

This morning the outdoor thermometer reads 14ºC (57ºF). As the French weather people say: les températures sont dignes d'un mois de mars (the temperatures are worthy of a month of March). A thunderstorm went by us to the west last evening, cooling things down. Again.

A dandelion sets seed among the tall grasses.

I got out in the morning and cut the grass in the south forty and in the strips along our road and behind the hedge. The grass was thick and very wet in some spots, causing the mower some difficulty. It stalled several times in the thickest places. I probably won't get the other sections cut for another day or two as we're expecting a rainy day today. We'll see.


  1. Such strange weather there. But you managed to capture that stunning photo in your brief bit of sunshine.

  2. Where is Madame Larousse to blow it off and say : Je sème à tout vent? (If you're intrigued by this just google image it and you'll see the answer.)

  3. I’m wishing you sunny, warm weather SOON!

  4. Crazy here, too. We went from 102°F two on Friday, to 90s over the weekend, and now it's mid-60s. Ha!

  5. mitch, :)

    chm, I remember that image.

    bettyann, thanks!

    judy, sheesh!


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