Saturday, June 19, 2021

Summer vacation

Ever since Wednesday night's thunderstorms, it seems that summer has gone away on vacation. The air is much cooler, much cloudier, and it rains off and on. I want to cut the grass, but it's too wet. I need to weed the vegetable garden, but it's too wet. At least I don't have to water outdoors.

A summery day last week out in the vineyards.

It was raining lightly when I woke up this morning, and I see by the radar that a mild thunderstorm is headed our way in the next hour or so. More serious storms are predicted for later this afternoon. And it's chilly again. Summer arrives officially on Monday (astronomical summer), but how can it get here if it's away on vacation?


  1. The sharpness of that summer day is glorious. Sorry it was a week ago. Our weather has been a bit strange. Hazy sun, today clouds. Not extremely warm (high 70s) but the air often feels oppressive.

  2. The words chilly and June should not be used in the same sentence. Did your summer go to the south of France? :(

  3. Summer returning to work on a Monday, I would expect a rough start

  4. mitch, we seem to be heading into a chilly spell. Ugh.

    bettyann, it went south, that's for sure.

    travel, me too.

  5. what a lovely photo! It captures Summer.


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