Sunday, June 06, 2021

Our first zuke blossom

I just put the plants into the ground a week ago. Now we have the first zucchini blossom. I don't expect an actual zucchini yet. The first blossoms frequently whither and die while the plant continues to produce leaves, but it's exciting to see nonetheless.

One of two zucchini plants in this year's vegetable garden.

It looks like the rain is over and we may get a few sunny days. The garden will like that a lot. I will spray the toms with bouillie bordelaise again today or tomorrow to keep them safe from fungus. This week I also plan to prepare a calcium treatment to help prevent blossom end rot when the fruit starts to set. Calcium carbonate is dissolved in a solution that gets watered in. When I did that last year, the rot stopped almost immediately. This time I'm hopeful that it will be prevented altogether. Fingers crossed!


  1. I love zucchini blossoms. They're such a surprise to me.

  2. Un beignet de fleur de courge?

  3. stuff them, bread them and fry them?

  4. Your garden is terrific already; let's hope it's a good ending to a rotten year.

  5. Fingers crossed! Or, as Stephane Plaza always seems to like to say, with a heavy French accent,"zee feengairs crozzed". Ha!

  6. zukes (I remember) grow over night to monster bushes. Careful now!

  7. mitch, :)

    chm, ce serait beaucoup de travail pour une seul fleur...

    travel, no "them." There's only one!

    chris, let's hope!

    judy, does he do a show in the states?

    bettyann, :)

    michael, yes, that's why I only have two plants.


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