Saturday, June 05, 2021

Market day

As most regular readers know, Saturday is market day in Saint-Aignan. When covid struck last year, the market was shut down for a while. When it re-opened, it was moved from a square in the center of the old town to a bigger place on the edge to allow the vendors and shoppers to spread out. Over time, most of the old vendors reappeared along with some new ones and more and more shoppers got comfortable distancing and wearing masks at the market. Over the past couple of weeks, people are still masked, but otherwise the market seems to be back to its old self, animated and bustling.

The fish monger at the old Saint-Aignan market, summer 2009. She has since retired and another fish monger has taken her place.

I don't think Ken has been to the market in a while, maybe not since it re-opened last year. He does go to the supermarkets regularly. Today, however, he's going to the Saturday market. In addition to the regular food vendors, there's a new wine shop in town that he wants to check out. It's an outlet for one of our local wineries and they make a chardonnay that we'd like to try. Chardonnay is grown in our region, but it's usually used to blend into sparkling wines. Still chardonnays are not common around us.


  1. A great (recent-)historic shot of your market. Interesting about your local chardonnays. I remember being surprised by the dearth of California oranges in California supermarkets.

  2. I should go to market square in Alexandria this morning,

  3. We're so looking forward to shopping at French markets again.....such a joy that we used to take for granted but hopefully it won't be long now!

  4. I was delighted to be able to go to your Saturday market when we visited!

  5. Good news. I am hearing from people in other parts of France that their markets are up and running again, too, and everyone is thrilled.

  6. mitch, most of our almonds come from California...

    travel, markets are always fun, if you feel safe in them.

    jean, keeping our fingers crossed!

    judy, and we're lucky that it's been up and running through most of the covid crisis.

    emm, :)

  7. Oh I am mad-jealous for a market day like this one !


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