Thursday, June 03, 2021

Mowing between the drops

I mowed the south forty on Wednesday morning, including the strips alongside the road outside our hedges. I also do one of our neighbors' strip just because I'm out there. She asked me once to do it because she hadn't found someone to hire to cut her grass after her regular guy retired. She wanted the outside strip to look nice even if her yard (not visible from the road) was still not done. I was happy to help her out and I've been doing it ever since. She's moving down south this summer, so I'll stop once she moves out. The new owners will have to take care of it.

Buttercups among the tall grasses on the border of a vineyard parcel. The grasses are home to ticks, so we try to steer clear when walking.

Right after I finished, we had a rain shower. Good timing. Later this afternoon, we're expecting thunder storms and some more rain, so I plan to work on the west forty this morning. I may or may not get the north forty done before the rain starts.


  1. You are a nice neighbour.

  2. The wildflowers still look beautiful. I hope your neighbor isn't including your services in the sale of the house.

  3. When it rains you can watch tennis. Hard work, as you say, but somebody’s got to do it. Do you watch it live or record it?

  4. You are the kind of neighbor we all want. Oh boy! Do I hate ticks! We had so many in our back woods of Anniston- teeny tiny deer ticks that we hardly noticed at first. Growing up in KY our animals got the kind that were puffy with blood. They liked to nest in a horse's mane.

  5. chm, :)

    mitch, ha!

    bettyann, the French Open is live. I could record the later (night session) matches, but then there would be too much to catch up on, especially in the early rounds. I record tournaments that are in time zones that make watching live impractical.

    evelyn, ticks are horrible. Both animals have take medicine that kills ticks when they bite, but sometimes they hide in the fur and we find them later. They're difficult to see on Tasha's and Bert's black fur.


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